Thursday July 23: As a result of the Ontario Government’s recent increase in the allowable number of participants in outdoor activities and the continuing restrictions on social distancing, we can now accommodate up to 24 players in teams of 3 on alternating rinks to practice. This increase allows us to set aside the existing scheduling system and have members attend whenever they desire. If a few more than 24 show up, it is likely that rink time-sharing can be organized. It is suggested that a logical time to gather is our traditional Jitney “tags in” time of 7 pm any day from Monday to Saturday. The OLBA has suggested that setting the mat (a towel at present) at least 3 meters from the edge of the ditch will help to provide sufficient room to stay well separated. The one time signing of the “Waiver” form and the completion of the “Declaration of Compliance” on each visit to the club, are still required – the latter for tracking purposes.

It is anticipated that OLBA approval to allow us to move into “Phase 3” play will be forthcoming soon.


Please read the HPLBC PROTOCOL: RULES UNDER COVID 19 CONDITIONS OF PLAY which can be found at this link. The WAIVER form and DECLARATION of COMPLIANCE can be found at these links.

In the heart of Ottawa’s historical Westboro neighbourhood, Highland Park has been a place of recreation and relaxation for over 100 years – we celebrated our centenary in 2014!

Whether your aim is to learn lawn bowling, to improve your skills, be competitive, or be social in a fun atmosphere, you are always welcome at the Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club. We especially welcome new members – so please join us. You can find us at the corner of Byron and Golden, in Westboro. Hope to see you there!

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In 2019, Highland Park had 106 playing members and 23 social members.

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