Clubhouse renovations – November 2020 news

NEWSLETTER November 25, 2020
Your Board of Directors is delighted to announce that, on the recommendation of the HPLBC Building Committee, we have committed $20,000 to replacing the South wall of the Clubhouse and to leveling the floors of the men’s and ladies locker rooms plus the affected area of the kitchen.
The Newsletter recently sent to all 2020 members described the preliminary work led by Paul Cheney, which revealed the present status of the clubhouse.  This allowed planning and costing of the next steps which will start in the Spring as soon as weather and ground conditions allow.  To be able to accomplish the work within the projected budget all the labour must be performed by HPLBC members.  Please be assured that great care will be taken to ensure physical safety and protection against COVID.   
Basically the plan is to start at the South-East corner of the building:  an 8 to 10 foot section of the wall will be removed while supporting the roof as needed;  a new 6X6 inch “sleeper” will be installed on a crushed stone foundation to the level required for the renovated floor; the new wall will be constructed and secured to the sleeper and the roof; and new floor beams and flooring will be installed as needed. The same procedure will then be applied to the adjacent sections of the South wall.  Accumulated experience should help inform Paul how to handle the southern part of the West wall that has also deteriorated.
A team of 4 volunteers, led by Paul and supported by others to help move materials, should be able to complete a section in a day, thus avoiding leaving the building open overnight.   
Paul estimated the $20,000 committed for this work by costing an itemized list of materials required, and adding an allowance for possible electrical and plumbing work and a contingency for unforeseen costs.  The funds in our National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF) account  (now over $15,000) will be used for the majority of this work.  We are also applying to external funding sources such as the Ontario Government’s Trillium Foundation to help in this and other clubhouse improvements.   
Your Board has asked the Building Committee to continue its excellent work by developing recommendations for further stages of renovating the Clubhouse, for which it is clear that significant additional funds will be needed.  Club members can help in this exciting plan by volunteering to work on the project (we will give more specific information in the Spring) and by donating to our NSTF building fund (donors get a tax receipt) which can be readily accessed through the “Donations” link of our website,
We are enthusiastically on our way to a renovated Clubhouse and hence to ensuring the future of our soon to be 107 year old Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club.  Obviously your help is essential! 
Your Board of Directors