PROJECT – Greens equipment

It’s not easy being green.  At the HPLBC we maintain our own greens, which takes a significant amount of time and effort from our dedicated Greens crew.   We are in need of new equipment and you can help us out by donating through the National Sport Trust Fund Ontario.

To donate, click here.

All donations go directly towards our greens equipment and you are given a tax receipt.

PROJECT – Clubhouse replacement

Our beloved Clubhouse needs some love as it is over 55 years old and is starting to show it’s age.  Within the very near future, the clubhouse will require a significant renovation or replacement.  We have started another project through the Sport 4 Ontario program, whose objective is to raise funds for a renovated or a new facility.  This would go towards meeting today’s building code and permit greater community involvement in both social and recreational sport activity.  The club is currently gathering information as to whether it is better to renovate the existing facility or to replace the existing facility.  If you would like to help us by donating to this project, you can do so here.


For more information on Sport 4 Ontario, please visit their website.