HPLBC August 2021 Newsletter



The green is now fully open for bowling.

Open Jitneys

Monday to Saturday evenings, excluding Wednesdays, tags in by 6:45 pm. and Tuesday and Thursday Mornings 10 am.

We invite all members, and particularly new members to participate in open bowling every evening except Wednesdays when the mixed pairs league meets. Arrive by 6.45 to put your name tag in for the draw that assigns you to a team, with play starting at 7.00. New bowlers may want to begin by joining the Monday and/or Tuesday evening jitneys immediately following coaching sessions? Our experienced bowlers will make every effort to welcome you and bowl with you.

There is also open play on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, names in by 9:45 am to play at 10.00.

Alternatively, if you are interested in casual jitney play outside these times, please put your name and email address on the roster in the tin shed so that all interested in playing at the same times can contact each other.

Of course the green is open for practice whenever you wish.


  • Aug 6 Fri Re-opening Chase the Ace at Westboro Clock Tower, Barley Mow, Whispers, HPLBC Clubhouse. Weekly draws recommence Friday, August 13th, 2021 & every subsequent Friday at 7 pm at the Clock Tower Westboro.
  • Aug 7 Sat 6:30 pm Highland P. Mid-Summer Tournament, 2 x 8 ends, sign-up posted in tin shed
  • Aug 22 Sun 1 pm Scotch Pairs, 2×12 ends, tags in by 12:45 pm, brown bag social, sign-up in tin shed
  • Sept 11 Sat 1 pm Fall Fling, 2 x 12 ends, tags in 12:45 pm brown bag social, signup posted in tin shed
  • Sept 18 Sat 1 pm Men’s Pairs, Women’s Pairs, 2 x 10 ends, brown bag social, signup in tin shed
  • Sept 20 Mon 7 pm Highland Park LBC 2021 Annual General Meeting, by Zoom
  • Sept 30 Thur 6 pm Highland Park LBC Annual Banquet to be confirmed
  • Oct 8, Fri All Mixed Pairs and Singles league games to be completed for finals on Oct 9
  • Oct 9 Sat 1 pm League Finals, Mixed Pairs and Singles
  • Oct 16 Sat 8:30 am Grounds and clubhouse cleanup and social
  • Oct 23 Sat 8:30 am Closing of the greens and social

On-going League play (Registration was in June 2021)

Wednesday evenings Mixed Pairs 7 pm start. Saturday Mornings Singles league, 9 am and 10:30 am start.

On August 7 there is the Mid-Summer Evening Triples Tournament. New members are encouraged to sign up as leads. Sign-up sheets are posted near the registration desk (tin shed). Teams will be drawn at 6.15 for play to start at 6.30.

Sign-up sheets will also be posted for the in-house tournaments to be held August 22nd and September 11th..

Within District 16 an invitational tournament is being hosted on September 12 by Elmdale Lawn Bowling Club : Precision Pairs, September 12. Skips check posted contact information inside the tin shed.

Rink Rotation

May we remind bowlers that rink positions must be changed daily according to the colour charts and that orientation of play alternates weekly between N/S and E/W, to help ensure even wear and tear on the green.

New Members

We have two new members, Nick Alderman and Tricia Robertson, and expect more when they have completed their coaching. If you see someone who you do not know, introduce yourself and make them welcome, and include them in your game.


The By-Laws call for Annual General Meetings to be held in the third week of September. The AGM will elect all members of the Executive for the coming year. All positions are open. Some current Board members are prepared to stand again; a number have served for over two terms. More information will be available in the AGM agenda papers. All interested in taking on a role in running the club are invited to contact our Doug McGregor, Chair of the Nominating Committee, at douglasmcgregor@mail.com .

Full Playing Members, please reserve the date of Monday September 20 for the HPLBC Annual General Meeting at 7.00 pm, to be held by Zoom. Your attendance is important. Quorum is 50%+1 of members.


Chase the Ace draws will start again on August 6, with the first draw since last year on August 13 at the ClockTower, and every Friday after then. Tickets (five for $5.00) can be bought at The ClockTower, Barley Mow, Whispers Restaurant and the HPLBC clubhouse, all in Westboro. The weekly winner receives 20% of that week’s sales, 30% goes toward the jackpot and 50% goes to help the Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club to stay green. The jackpot increases every week until the Ace of Spades is drawn, and then a new raffle commences.

The rules authorized by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario are posted at all sales locations.

Weekly ticket sales at each location are limited by the terms of our license, so buy early so that you won’t be shut out.


Paul Cheney and his crew have done and continue to do a phenomenal job on our little cottage in Westboro.

The past month has seen the installation of a new fascia board and the beginning of the new siding installation on the south wall.  Drywall installation is progressing through the locker rooms/washroom with painting following close behind.  Following the completion of the exterior siding the new interior ceiling panels will be installed starting in the Men’s Locker Room.  As our efforts have been focused on the previously mentioned items, no work has advanced in the kitchen area during the last month.  A separate group is now working on the planning for the new kitchen layout.   


34 potential new Full Playing Members and 11 youngsters participated in the Open House on July 24. A number of these are now in various stages of coaching. We look forward to welcoming them to HPLBC.


Pat Lamoureux, Taylor Bowls Agent for our area, will be setting up a table at our Club on Saturday, August 28th (Time 10 am) if the weather co-operates (rain date to be notified), to offer a complete range of bowling equipment, from bowls and measuring tapes to spray chalks, jacks and grippo. Price Lists will be available prior to Pat’s visit (likely in the Tin Shed) This will be Pat’s last visit to our Club as she is moving away; after September, our agents will be Dan & Brenda Milligan, (Tel: 1-800-265-1687) Cobourg, Ontario.


Your Board is considering a new category of family membership to bring families in the area into HPLBC, in response to the strong interest by a number of local families in joining the Club. The Board is working out details to bring to the membership as a change in By-Law 4 at the Fall Annual General Meeting. Upcoming generations are the ones who will carry on the legacy of those who have maintained and kept Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club alive and well into the 21st Century and beyond.


Our long-time member, Marguerite Baker (formerly Jane Maloney) has moved to Deep River. To recognize all her hard work over many years on lawn bowling on behalf of our Club, the District and the Province, the Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club Board has awarded her an Honorary Life Membership in our Club.

Here is Marguerite’s letter of thanks and a photograph.

Greetings Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club and Membership

I am very humbled to be recognized for the contributions I have made in past years to my club, District 16, and OLBA. It is very appreciated to be invited to be an Honorary Member of Highland Park L.B.C. and I am delighted to accept. Thank you so much!

I miss my many Highland Park bowling friends and past bowlers, fellow coaches, and past Board of Director members. It is a great sport where so many can achieve their personal goals. It has been fun to be a part of the relaxed atmosphere of a friendly jitney or spirit of highly skilled competition. Highland Park L.B.C. has a been for me, a catalyst for enduring friendships and very many happy memories.

I wish all members of Highland Park my best wishes for a bright future and a beacon of safe sport at our “little cottage in Westboro.”

Most sincerely, Marguerite Jane Baker

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