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Sunday June 14th, 2020: The Club is opened in a limited fashion. Under Covid-19 restrictions there is a strictly limited number of members permitted on the green. Therefore access has to be scheduled and you must sign and bring to the Club the waiver and declaration of compliance which you were sent with your email invitation to come out and practice.  The invitations were based on the times which you suggested as your preferred times to play in the telephone survey carried out recently. You should have received an email message suggesting a time at which you might wish to open your season. If not, please contact .

Please read the HPLBC PROTOCOL: RULES UNDER COVID 19 CONDITIONS OF PLAY which can be found at this link. The WAIVER form and DECLARATION of COMPLIANCE can be found at these links.

Note: Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, no one was permitted to enter the Club’s premises while the government ban on group activities was in effect, unless specifically authorized by the Board. Club members will be notified if/when this changes.

Mar 21 Sat     9 pm   Clocktower Comedy Night, $17 entrance fee – CANCELLED
Apr 15 Wed   6 pm   Clocktower, Pub Night – social gathering – CANCELLED

Bowls Canada issues COVID-19 Statements

(OLBA, 19 April 2020) Bowls Canada has agreed that the Year 2020 will NOT count toward Novice eligibility – i.e. if 2020 was going to be your 3rd year as Novice – then 2021 will NOW be your 3rd year of Novice.

Ottawa, ON | March 11, 2020

OLBA March 2020 Newsletter Vol.4 No.3