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Spring and Fall Cleanups, Grounds: Bob MacGregor, 613 722 2654 rgmacgregor@rogers.com

Tournaments & League contact: Tessa Mackechnie 613 722 4073 tessamackechnie@sympatico.ca

Social Contact: Clarice Steers: 613 761 7027 clarice.steers@sympatico.ca

Coaching Coordinator: Tom Sawyer 613 695 8648 petersawyer@rogers.com

Open House & Annual Banquet Coordinator: Harry Tremain 613 841 5907 hmtremain1@gmail.com

Yard Sale Coordinator: Emily Black 613 853 2121 hplbcmembership@gmail.com

Membership Records & In-house Events mailings: Emily Black 613 853 2121 hplbcmembership@gmail.com

Legend: a) Sign up = check the clubhouse bulletin board for appropriate sign-up sheet; b) H.Park = Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club; c) Brown Bag = bring your own lunch and/or supper

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Sun 2-4 pm
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Wed 6 pm
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Wed 6 pm
Sat 8:30 am
Sat 10 am

Friday 11am
Sat 8am-noon
Mon 7 pm
Sat 10-1 pm
Sat 2-4 pm
Tues 10 am
Tues 7-9 pm
Wed 6-7
Wed 7 pm
Sat 9-11 am
Mon 1 pm
Tues 6-7 pm
Sat 9 am
Sat 10 am

Fri 7:30 pm
Sat 2-4 pm
Sat 1 pm
Sat 1-3 pm

Thur 9:30 am
Sun 10 am
Sat 9:30 am
Tues 6:30 pm

Sun 1 pm
Sun 1 pm
Fri 7:30 pm

Tues 10 am
Sat 1pm
Sat 1 pm
Mon 7 pm
Sat 10 am
Sun 10 am

Thur 6 pm
Sat 8:30 am
Sat 8:30 am

Winter Social Get Together Plaza Towers (Party Room) 465 Richmond Road
Clocktower Trivia – form H. Park teams (run by Clocktower)

Barley Mow Pub Night – social gathering
Clocktower Comedy Night $17 entrance fee

Clocktower Pub Night – social gathering
Grounds and clubhouse spring cleanup and social
District 16 Spring Mtg Iroquois LBC: Carmen Rd/Elizabeth Dr. K0E 1K0 open to members

Chase the Ace – Clockwork Tower, Barley Mow & HPLBC Clubhouse 7-9pm
Yard Sale rain or shine – Silent Auction closes at noon
Highland Park Spring Meeting and Social Clubhouse
Opening Day Tournament tags in by 10 am (rain date: Sun May 10 6 pm)
Open House and Social (rain date Sun May 10 2-4 pm)
Start morning jitneys Tues and Thurs mixed tags in by 10 am
Evening Open House and Social
Start Coaching Session every Wednesday until the end of June
Start evening jitneys Monday to Saturday tags in by 7 pm
Start Club Singles League until Sept 26 (green not available play Sunday) sign up/max 16
Victoria Day Tournament 2 x 10 ends jitney prizes and social tags in by 1 pm $5 sign up
Start Tuesday Coaching Sessions every Tuesday until the end of June
Coaching Clinic all day event fee and hrs TBA
H.Park Dist.16 Invitational: AMICA/Isobel Campbell O. Triples 2×14 ends (entries to Tessa)

Friday Fun Night more information will be posted at a later date
National Bowl’s Day more information will be posted at a later date
H. Park Memorial Tournament Mixed Triples jitney 2×10 ends prizes brown bag sign up
Strawberry Social H. Park fund raiser volunteers essential sign up Rain date June27

Dist.16 Invitational: Albert Tubman Memorial Mixed & Women’s Triples (entries to Tessa)
H.Park Novice (5 years or less) Singles Tournament brown bag markers needed sign up
H.Park Dist.16 Invitational: Morris Home Team Cole Cup) OP rain date July 19 (entries to Tessa)
Highland P Mid-Summer Tournament 2 x 8 ends jitney $5 tags in 6:15 pm sign up

H.Park W/Men Novice Singles Qualifier for D16 Playdowns 5 yrs less 18 pt games sign up
H.Park Scotch Pairs/Nellie Bailey 2×12 ends Afternoon Tea Jitney tags in by 1 pm sign up
Friday Fun Night to be confirmed

H.Park Distr.16 Invitational: Hollis Wealth OT 1 Novice 3yrs or less BrownBag (entries Tessa)
H.Park Fall Fling 2×12 ends after game social (Barbecue) sign up for entry and BBQ preference
H.Park tournament: Mens Pairs and Women’s Pairs 2×10 ends pot luck social sign up
Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club Fall General Meeting and social clubhouse
District 16 Fall General Meeting at Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club
Highland Park Tournament mixed pairs 3 x 10 ends brown bag

Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club’s Annual Banquet venue will be posted sign up
Grounds and clubhouse cleanup and social
Closing of the greens and social