Morris Home Team Open Pairs Tournament

What a great day for BOWLS!  

On Saturday July 21st, the Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club hosted the Morris Home Team Open Pairs Tournament.  Despite the heat we had great attendance and were treated to some high quality bowling.

The winners were:

1 game high – from Galetta – Team Barrett – Bob and Bob!
2 game high – 2nd runner up – from Highland Park – Ted Tozer and David Smith
2 game high – 1st runner-up – from Highland Park – Paul Cheney and Elaine Cheney
2 game high – from Nepean – Gerry Laporte and Joelle Russell
3 game high  and trophy winner – from Galetta – Rico and Flo Silvestro.
Thanks so much to everyone who came and helped out, and to Tessa and George for organizing a great day.  And to Jane for all her help and wisdom.  Big thank you to Patrick Morris, sponsor extrodinaire, who came to handout the trophy to the winners.

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