When can we bowl?

Some members have been asking “When can we bowl”?  The short answer is “Any time”.

A  more helpful answer might be that the best way to bowl and get to know other club members is when members simply arrive on Monday, Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings and are randomly assigned to pair or triple teams that seek to mix more with less experienced players. 

Bowlers arrive around 6.30-7.00 and start to play by 7.15.  There are usually enough experienced bowlers to guide the newer ones through opening up the clubhouse and the tin shed,  getting games under way, turning the lights on, and putting things away afterwards.  Numbers participating  depend on many factors, including the weather.  
The best evenings are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  The pairs league tends to play on Wednesday evenings, and the singles league on Saturday mornings, but there are usually enough open rinks that others not in those leagues can also play.  Some members also play on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for random pick-up bowling, starting at around 10 am.  

Of course, the green is always open for play, but times other than those identified above seem to be less  popular, though this Sunday afternoon (August 29) will host a tournament with pre-arranged participation.
Please feel free to contact Francis at hplbcsec@gmail.com or Gillian Pearlstone at gpearlstone@gmail.com or call 613 761-6876 if you need help getting into the clubhouse and/or the tin shed.

Happy bowling

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